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Own Your Own: Why Owning Your Own Platform Can Protect Your Business

Recently, the social networks Facebook and Instagram went down.  With it being a holiday weekend (Labor Day weekend), a lot of Entrepreneurs were running sales and specials for their businesses, and many were counting on that income to be able to reach their money goals, which for many were detrimental to business.  Unfortunately, when those platforms went down, those entrepreneurs suffered financially.

Basically, your business is at the mercy of outside social media platforms.  This means if you’ve built your business following solely off of platforms like Facebook and Instagram, all it takes is for you to be locked out of your account, your account deactivated because someone reports you, or the platform to simply go down and you can lose your entire business.  Now, I KNOW you don’t want that!

No one works hard building their business for it to be taken from them overnight through no fault of their own.  What if one of these platforms decided to charge $500 a month? Yes, it is an unrealistic number, but stay with me here.  You would be subject to being stuck paying for the continual access to your client base or stuck losing it all.  That’s a difficult decision, especially when you know how hard you work to make your business a success.

So, how can you prevent this?  I’m glad you asked!  You own your own platform.  How do you this?  Another great question!  Through email subscribers.  When you collect emails, the subscribers are basically telling you they want the information you have to share.  They’re entrusting you with their emails.  When you go to a website and you’re not interested in the content, you’re not going to leave your email right?  Well, it’s the same thing for everyone else.  When they sign up on your site and leave their email address, they’re letting you know they want the content you have to share.

In essence, this is the start of the conversation.  It’s your job to keep the conversation going through regular communication with your subscribers.  Emails are a major source of income if you can use them properly.  If you can actively stay in touch with your email subscribers, it can pay off well for you.  This is a direct line of communication with your client base.  This allows you to send out email blasts, specials, and so much more.  It also allows you to survey your client base and see what challenges they’re having that you may be able to create a product for.  This in itself, can be worth its weight in gold!

When it comes to collecting subscriber emails, the best way to do it would be through an opt-in that people can use or learn something valuable through.  This means your opt-in needs to be something that can be useful when downloaded.  Depending on what your clients’ needs are, you can figure out what will make an ideal downloadable.  Truth be told, there are so many different types to choose from that you can’t go wrong as long as you have it packed with valuable content.

I’ll be covering Content Marketing in a more in-depth post soon, but please believe that even if you’re giving away free content, prospective clients are looking to get value from it.  Of course, you’ll have those that just collect and hoard the information, but they weren’t your ideal client anyway so you didn’t lose anything.  Your prospective clients and customers will be the ones looking to see if they can learn from your content.  If they feel they’re learning from your free content, then they’ll have no problem coming to you for paid content.


Nadine Smiley is a sought-after Writer, Speaker and Consultant who teaches on various topics, most notably Entrepreneurship, Walking in your purpose and Women’s Empowerment. She specializes in Digital Content Strategy. Her work has been published among various platforms to include The Washington Informer and CB Nation, and has been on the Bestseller list for her books numerous times.

Nadine is also the co-founder of Sexy Moms Rock. Sexy Moms Rock is an international movement to create a network of organizations and people who understand the importance of maternal figures and join together to encourage, empower, and educate moms into their full potential and ultimate legacy. We celebrate the strength, love, and passion of moms by embracing all aspects of who she is.

Along with all of that, Nadine is the Founder of The Naturals’ Path, a holistic wellness company that offers natural products to heal the body, mind, and spirit from the inside out.

Among those accomplishments, the most important of those is being a mom to her children.

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