Hey there!  I’m the coffee drinking, mic dropping, fancy pen loving, Speaking, Coaching and Writing Mompreneur.

I use my gifts of speaking, teaching, and coaching to help people reach a transformation within their personal and professional lives.  Under the mentorship of Les Brown,  I’m a certified member of the Les Brown Maximum Achievement Team.  I’m also a Certified Relationship Workshop Facilitator and Relationship Counselor.

I specialize in identifying and relaying emotional triggers, fostering communication within personal and professional relationships and more to help people reach transformation in their personal and professional relationships.  Some of my happy clients have been The Washington Informer, Omnigroup, LinkedIn Pulse, etc.

With all of that, I’m also the co-founder of Sexy Moms Rock, a movement to encourage, empower, and educate women and moms into their full potential and help them to walk in their purpose by celebrating the strength, love, and passion of women and moms and embracing all aspects of who she is.

Among these accomplishments, the most important of these is being a mom to my 4 amazing children.